Best WoW Addons 2016

Blizzard’s “World of Warcraft” has a great storyline, epic weapons and massive content to keep the gamers busy. Furthermore, its gaming community has come up with several useful addons that make the game’s user interface smoother and have a lot of things that make them go through fights easier. Here are 5 of the best WoW addons 2016:


Bagnon lets you consolidate all your bag windows, making your inventory easier to manage. Sometimes five different personal bags opening in their own windows could complicate things. Bagnon helps you organize by putting all the contents of the 5 bags in a single window. It does the same for your guild inventory and bank. That would make your searching for something easier and faster.wowscrnshot_020110_204527

Bartender 4

Bartender 4 makes you customize and configure action bars. You can move, customize and scale them with Bartender. WoW is full of action bars, stance bars, bag windows, pet bars and more. Having your action bars located where you can conveniently see them will increase your enjoyment of the game.

 Deadly Boss Mods

Deadly Boss Mode alerts you with boss abilities beforehand to keep you alive. It is one of the best WoW addons there is as it can serve as your best friend in any raid or dungeon encounter. For instance, when you engage a boss mod, the screen shows countdown timers when the next special ability of that creature strikes.

Such information is so valuable so you can judge when to apply your special damage reduction abilities. You would also know when to move away from an incoming area of effect damage from the boss. Remember not to get caught on a guild run sans this addon and keep this updated as well.


Elvui is a highly recommended addon. It can overhaul your UI or change the entire design of your screen in any way you want. A complete user-interface replacement, Elvui is highly configurable yet minimalistic. It is easy to configure and will save past configurations so you do not need to redo everything on each character.

If you are new to WoW and do not like the standard style of the game, you can give this addon a try. Elvui also includes Bagnon and Bartender as its functions within. This is very powerful yet taking only less memory to run and that makes it more amazing.


The Recount addon allows you to track your damage output, not just to put bragging rights, but informs you the kind of damage you are doing compared to others. While healers and tanks would know how they fare with the job in an encounter when it is over, damage dealers gauge performance via damage meters. Recount is the most popular damage meter because it is simple.Recount tracks each member’s damage output each fight and each dungeon. You can see the breakdown of the damage by your abilities if there are any. If you see yourself’s performance below your comrades, you may need to look into different abilities, gear or even change the talents of your character so you keep up to your comrades.


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