The Best Christmas Gift for a Gamer

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With many gaming monitors available in the market right now, it can be difficult to pick one that is the best as they vary in price and features. Furthermore, gamers are very selective of the kind of hardware they would like to run on their machines, according to gearforgaming. If you are scouting one for the gamer in your life, a 1440p monitor can be the best Christmas gift for a gamer in 2016. Here are 5 of the best 1440p monitors these days:

  1. Acer Predator X34 ($1,199.99)

The best ultrawide curved 1440p G-Sync monitor is the Acer Predator X34. It is beyond HD gaming monitor that offers one of the most immersive gaming experience even without wearing a VR headset. The display has an aggressive design, rich contract, perfect color accuracy and curves that boost gaming immersion.

The Predator X34 boasts a quad high-definition 3440×1440 resolution which also incorporates the Nvidia G-Sync technology so there would be no graphical glitches. With the IPS panel, the X34 is the ultimate monitor not only for gamers but also for media makers.

  1. Acer Predator XB271HU ($919.99)

Gaming should not be compromised, and it will not with Acer’s Predator XB271HU G-Sync 27-inch WQHD 2560 x 1440 which will turbocharge a gamer’s experience. It combines great specs with IPS panel with the 144Hz refresh rate. It features Nvidia G-Sync technology that gets rid of screen tearing plus built-in eye protection as well as ergonomics so you can play without becoming fatigued.

The Acer Predator XB271HU will immerse you completely into the game world. Its panel shows all the details and draws you deeply into action.

  1. ASUS MG279Q ($650

The great IPS 1440p monitor with Freesync is the 27-inch ASUS MG279Q that provides wide-viewing angles, vivid visuals and smooth gameplay. It is ergonomically designed to stand with swivel, pivot and tilt while providing height adjustment for comfortable viewing position even during marathon gaming sessions. It is built for winning in the professional gaming space, featuring WQHD with a 144Hz refresh rate.

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  1. ASUS PB328Q ($499)

ASUS PB328B is a top-rated ultrawide 1440p monitor that comes in 75Hz and 32 inches for both work and play. Its WQHD resolution packs extra space for multitasking and overall real estate to accommodate more projects and windows. The ASUS EyeCare technology takes care of your eyes so you can work and play longer without eyestrain. Its built-in Picture-in-Picture or PiP and Picture-by-Picture or PbP functionality allows viewing of content from many sources at the same time, with the ability to easily switch in between them.

  1. Dell UltraSharp U3415W ($899.99)

The Dell UltraSharp U3415W high-end curved-screen monitor comes in 34 inches, offering lots of features, powerful audio, sharp gray-scale and accurate colors. It is equipped with lots of I/O ports and offers daisy-chaining capabilities, USB hub and a height-adjustable stand. It does not come cheap but it has Dell’s pleasing aesthetic, with mostly bezel-free design. It sports a matte-black bottom bezel holding the Dell logo, a Power switch and four touch-sensitive function buttons.

we hope you liked our list of the top gaming monitors, and if you haven’t already give gearforgaming a look to see what they have to say on the subject.